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Our 7th Annual Holiday Awards ceremony was celebrated with much joy by all of our atending students, families, and staff. It was a true cause for celebration as we shared the achievement of our 10th year working in our communities! check out the event gallery below to get a glimse in to the days festivities!


Check out some of our favorite shots that capture our top 5 favorite moments of the evening! 

Proud Parents!

A picture of when the parents of the Allendale Cheer Squad were proudly taking a picture of their kids! Can you tell they were so excited and proud! Just look at their faces!

A Happy Hug!

This embrace happened when our Director Tiffany saw in the crowd the face of an old familiar face: one of our prior school principals! Mrs. Thomasburger came to our celebration to show his support for our organization!

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A Stunt to Remember!

This is no easy stunt! Everyone was blown away when the Madison Park Academy cheer squad surprised us all with this amazing award-winning stunt!

When Amber gave us that Smile!

Anyone who knows our founder Amber Blackwell, knows it is rare to capture a photo of her.  At this particular moment, she had just received some flowers to show our appreciation for all her hard work! 

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The we're #1 High 5!

When Coach Aaron and Coach Palomino gave each other a high 5 moments after it was announced that their site had won site of the year!!!


to Brookfield Village Elementary School and Lions Roar ASP for their win of the coveted site of the year award for the 2013-2014 school year! They will hold the tittle all through 2015!

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