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On September 1st, 2010, the Eagles Soar After-school program for HigherGroundNDC participated in the Community Reformed Church- City of Oakland's Urban Re-industrialization Project. This project was to improve our urban trails through natural restoration; focusing on common safe & walking routes used by the community and local schools.

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Council Member Larry Reid, proudly cuts the ceremonial ribbon at Sobrante Park.

The Community Urban Trail or "La Plaza" was a volunteer project with HigherGround & City of Oakland as the project's lead. Over 30-40 Jr.High students along with partners from Sobrante Park Time Banking, Community Reformed Church, Lionel Wilson, HigherGroundNDC, and many members of the community worked diligently in adding over 100 species of native plants, a safe-recemented walkway, sitting areas, and debris cleanup. What was once riddled with tires, glass, potholes, and many unsafe hazards has been transformed into a beautiful community plaza for everyone to enjoy.


Oakland has been recognized as a top ten green U.S. city eight times in the last five years. Learn more about Oakland's award-winning sustainability performance.

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A Continuing Commitment to Becoming a Model Sustainable City

Oakland is committed to becoming a model sustainable city – a community in which all people have the opportunity to live safe, happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives, now and into the future. Learn more about the Sustainable Oakland Program, and the development of the Oakland Energy and Climate Action Plan. 

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