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Each year on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. Higher Ground gathers up our students and families across all four school sites and come together to honor Dr. King's memory with a day of service for our community.

For this year's service day we met at Sobrante Park Elementary School located at 470 El Paseo Drive  Oakland, California 94603 to participate in several community beautification projects!  Students, Parents, Teachers, and Community partners gathered bright and early to make their presence felt throughout the Sobrante Park neighborhood.

All who came out to the event participated proudly in making their community a better place to live and learn! Check out the videos and pictures from the event below!


Why is it important to serve?

The Day begins with returning students in older grades greeting volunteers as they sign up for the days event!

We Talk about Oakland

When asked why it's important to give back, these two community members talk about the importance of not just "talking" about something, but really coming out and "being" about representing for Oakland in a positive way!

This is an opportunity to make a Difference

In this clip, Coach Reggie Archie explains why live bugs are important to have in any compost bin. A few of the community members present share their thoughts on why this day is important to them.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has a few words to say...

In this video, Oakland Mayor Jene Quan describes the history behind Martin Luther King Jr.'s Bday holiday. She also shares her thoughts on this special day.

Benches for our Heroes

A group of students gather around their project to discuss their thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

They are the Future Dream!

"Dr. Martin Luther King!"  He lives in the spirirt of our community!

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