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MLK Jr. Service Day 2017 Event Gallery

MLK Jr. Day at Brookfield Village Elementary School January 16, 2017, marked the beginning of the transformation of Brookfield Village Elementary to a re-envisioned STEAM school.  We had over 300 volunteers, teachers and families help begin transforming our campus!

This transformational work was started when Brookfield was chosen as one of the five Intensive School Support sites for OUSD in 2014.  This distinction afforded the site to go through an intensive process where teachers, families, support staff, and Higher Ground as the site’s Lead Agency partner created a new vision for what we wanted to see at Brookfield.  We looked at everything from what type of leader we wanted to the structure of the instructional program to what services were appropriate to make certain ALL Brookfield students thrive.  This process resulted in the school wanting to transition to a STEAM school and Monday’s service day was the beginning of that process!


Higher Ground worked with Bay Area Air Quality Management District to bring together a strong group of partners that could help this vision become a reality.  They include the Environmental Protection Agency, Oakland Releaf, OUSD, Growing Together, Planting Justice, and our arborist consultant, Dr. Gregory Tarver, Jr.  This team of dedicated individuals and organizations is the foundation of the change we plan to see on the site.


The change will start by creating a vegetative barrier that will help with the air quality on the site and be the structure within which we build our Urban Forest.  The forest will act as one of our outdoor classroom spaces.  We are also planting a fruit tree orchard and over time hope to add a farm, and solar panels and let these changes to how we engage without the environment be the base of our new curriculum.


So if you are interested in supporting this work by either volunteering or donating, please contact the Higher Ground office at (510) 658-6454.


A very special thank you to all of our partners and volunteers! And we want to thank Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for coming out to show her appreciation of our youth and volunteers!

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