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The Brookfield Village Elementary School, Lions Roar After School Program is sad to see this school year end but so proud of the work we were able to accomplish with over 100 children and their families! This year marks the 10th year HG has been a part of the Brookfield community. This year we offered programs such as Karate and Tennis to Boy Scouts and Theater, Golf. We created beautiful gardens and taught children about healthy food and fitness options. One of our greatest accomplishments this year was the success of our student-athletes! Our basketball team competed in the OPR league as well as some of our All-Starz were asked to be a part of HG’s AAU Team.  One of our proudest moments was our Cheer Squad, comprised of our female student-athletes, receiving 1st Place honors at the Sharp Competition in Southern California. Lastly, Lions Roar participants were a big part of the school’s STEAM Transformation by participating in Saturday workdays to help build our Urban Forest which will act as an outdoor classroom in the future.

To end the year, we plan on having a program-wide Celebration Carnival on Tuesday, May 6, 2017, from 3:00–6:00 pm.  The Carnival will begin with 2 large Jumpers a snow cone machine, and games such as Water Balloon Toss, Bubble Maze, Parachutes, and Face Painting. Afterward, we will end the day with our WII Battle of Champions, Picnic, and a Movie. This celebration marks the end of another year of showing support to and being supported by the Brookfield family and for that, the HG staff is eternally grateful.

Special appreciation goes out to the following students, families, and staff: Ms. Martin, thank you for being our guidance and support when needed; Darius M. /Family, thank you for supporting the after-school program with making this a wonderful year for your 5th grader and seeing him through to his promotion with love and growth.  Amoro Family, thank you for being a huge part of the Higher Ground Program and taking full advantage of what the organization had to offer from sports, cheer, theater, and much other enrichment, as well as all 3 of your children coming through the program here at Brookfield. 

Serenity D. and Family, we would like to thank you for your continuous dedication to the higher Ground after-school program for the past 4 years along with being a great cheerleader, volunteer, and overall support when we need it.   

Brandi has been a firm part of why the student’s parents and staff have been held together at this time she has been here at Brookfield for the past 4 years and has made a big difference in a lot of students’ lives, thank you. 

On behalf of myself and the entire HG Team - Ms. Brandi, Ms. Breana, Coach Kennith, Coach LV, Ms. Coach Archie, our youth workers, Aliya, Thomas, and Mahlik - we want to sincerely say thank you for a year filled with lessons learned, outstanding wins and opportunities to get better! Thank you again, Brookfield and we look forward to making next year even better!!!!


Ms. Nailah

Our end-of-the-year celebration was voted on by the students of the After School program.  We served about 200 people including family and friends.   We started our end of the year off with the Kindergarten graduation.  They were so cute all dressed up with little tender smiles on their faces. The students wanted water play, kickball, and barbecue so we gave them all three.  New Highland after-school staff set up the field for a grand slip-in-a-slide kickball game with blow-up swimming pools for all of the bases.

We were able to play 2 games of 5 innings. Kinder, first grade, and second grade played the first game while the upper grades participated in a water balloon toss.  Once the inning was over then it was time for the big kids to have their turn and the game.  The students and the staff were super excited to see all of the fun that they were having they almost forgot about the food.  We served the students grilled hot dogs and hamburgers along with chips, juice, water, popcorn, and snow cones.  What I’m most proud about this School year is that our program was a safe environment for all. We became a family unit and were able to teach the students how to show compassion and empathy for one another.

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