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Distance Learning Center

Higher Ground’s (HG) Distance Learning Hub was created to address the need for Oakland's most vulnerable students to have a place to continue learning and growing during the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020. In partnership with Oaklands Ed Fund, Oakland Unified School District, and Prescott Elementary School, our distance learning hub was one of the most successful programs in the City of Oakland. Higher Ground's distance learning Hub helped increase the attendance of students participating by 100%, the Hub increased classroom engagement, along with increasing the success of asynchronous time. HG programming provided a balance of screen time and outdoor activities for underserved children and families in Oakland, CA. The Hub addressed the digital divide that existed among many low-income children across the city.  By providing a space where vulnerable children could access technology and have the support from trained staff to engage with the technology and needed social emotional strategies that prevented them from falling through the cracks.​

HG was uniquely qualified to step up and provide services due to our twenty years of experience providing comprehensive after school programming throughout the city.  Our community school approach coupled with the grand opening of our Wellness Center, a perfect synergy was created.  Providing wrap around service to the children, families, and neighborhoods we serve help fulfill the organizational mission.  HG Combined outdoor adventure and HG enrichment programming creating a well-rounded experience for Prescott Elementary School students. 

The Hub was staffed with paraprofessionals that engaged in home visits when students did not show up, needed devices at home, and/or needed lunch. Safety, supervision, academic support, computers usage, internet access, and increasing our students mastery of virtual teaching and learning was a massive success. This distance learning hub provided the community with an elevated distance learning experience.

Schools Higher Ground Provided Distance Learning
  • Parker Elementary

  • East Oakland Pride Elementary

  • Prescott Elementary

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