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Children in Classroom


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Davina N.

Parent, Eagles Roar Afterschool Program

One of my favorite things about the afterschool program is how they not only keep me in the loop about what my child's homework is, and how he is doing in class, but the biggest thing I have noticed in my son, is the change in his behavior. They are really teaching him how to be more respectful during the school day.


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Tremaine Moore

5th Grade Teacher, Allendale Elementary School

Higher Ground teaches our students leadership skills, acting appropriately in the classroom and in the yard. Higher Ground helps us teach the children that the rules are the same across the board [also] staffs are committed to helping and go above and beyond the call of duty.


Jayden D..jpg

Jayden D.

2nd Grader, Lions Roar Afterschool Program

My favorite thing in after school program is doing exercises that make my body strong. I think that it makes me a better student so I can be healthy and strong!



"I truly believe that HG brings a lot to the Oakland Community and hope that this continues. We are so in need of organization like Higher Ground that are willing to help students learn and grow."

Michelle Coz Grant, M. Ed

Principal, East Oakland Pride

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Principals, Teachers & Parents Recommend


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Parents Recommend

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 “The program helps my son better in school by making sure his homework is complete and helping him solve issues he faces everyday. The best part of the program is the tutors. They care for the students and their academics. My son has a better attitude because of the program. Instead of getting upset and giving up, he is more willing to talk it out”

Mr. Almas

Parent at New Highland Elementary School
Solar Rays After School Program
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