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A One-stop shop for training, coaching and expanded learning evaluation

This comprehinsive subscription is uniquely designed to share successful strategies for building, monitoring, and delivering effective continuous quality improvement programming for expanded learning programs serving BIPOC youth and families. 

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    Every year
    • Training modules
    • Online or in-person coaching
    • Online or in-person appraisal
    • Access to research on BIPOC expanded learning practices
    • Merchandise such as forms, incentives, and promotional items
    • Spotlight on Success newsletter
    • Data collection and evaluation reports
    • Access to Youth Development webinars
    • Attend yearly Youth Symposium
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    Every year
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    • Access to Training Modules
    • Peer-to-Peer Learning
    • Rigor and Routine
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Youth Development 101


Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corp.'s mission is to provide services that address the intellectual development of young people through providing comprehensive after-school programming, career-to-college workforce programming, school-based behavioral health treatment, professional development, and service-learning experiences. HG acts as an information storehouse on school/community-based service coordination for youth and the organizations that serve them.

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Create a Sustainable
CQI Program

Elevate the entire team's capacity, creating a peer-to-peer continuous quality improvement loop that ensures ongoing measurable success.


Involvement of the Team in the CQI Process

Higher Ground’s emphasis on building the capacity of an entire expanded learning team, to utilize data-driven decision-making sets us apart and adds to the value of your continuous quality improvement program. 


Elevate the Team's Capacity to Engage in CQI Planning

Empower your expanded learning team with our evidence-based approach that fosters continuous improvement through a peer driven CQI process.


Build a CQI Team at the Site Level

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with assessment; it begins there. We facilitate a peer to peer continuous improvement loop that allows team members to cross train, mentor each other, and leveraging learning.


Create a Sense of Belonging around CQI

Higher Ground’s  evidence-based approach to program evaluation is designed to create a program culture of continuous quality improvement.

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