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Explore our website in English and Spanish to become more familiar with what we do as a lead agency in Oakland! We are passionate about community, education, and our youth! Check out our site for more about us!


Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corp.

Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corp. (Higher Ground) was incorporated in 2002 as one of Oakland Unified School Districts first elementary Charter School’s to use a Community School Model.  Higher Ground was founded by a motivated group of dedicated teachers, principals, licensed mental health therapists, and community school experts.



After School Programs


Comprehensive School Support Services

Higher Ground offers a collection of best practice youth development strategies combined with mental, physical, emotional, and community health projects that develop school culture and climate. 

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Developmental Recess and School Climate Regulators

Higher Ground daytime staff are highly skilled and qualified in the areas of second step, tribes, and HG character development curriculum that impacts schools climate and culture.

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Professional Development and Teacher Coaching

The mantra of Higher Ground’s professional development and teacher coaching program is to “help teachers teach.” Higher Ground assists teachers in their ability to recognize, understand, and respond to students’ stress-triggered and challenging behaviors. 

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Service Coordination

We work to assure that multiple services at a sight or within a district are managed and implemented in a cohesive manner and students receive the appropriate services in a timely manner. We also make certain that projects are fiscally sound and support the overall school site plan. 

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Grade Level Collaborative Support

Because different schools want different activities to occur during this time, we have come up with several different options to meet their needs. Some of the options are, but are not limited to, Physical Education, Service Learning, Second Step Violence Prevention Program and different Enrichment Programs.


Parents Recommend

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 “The program helps my son better in school by making sure his homework is complete and helping him solve issues he faces everyday. The best part of the program is the tutors. They care for the students and their academics. My son has a better attitude because of the program. Instead of getting upset and giving up, he is more willing to talk it out”

Mr. Almas

Parent at New Highland Elementary School
Solar Rays After School Program


Principal, Teachers & Parent Recommend